How Customers Pay Impacts How Long They Stay

A Simple and Cost-Effective Way to Cut Churn

The growth of the subscription economy has put digital transformation firmly on the top of the agenda for many businesses. The pandemic has accelerated this trend, not just by temporarily pushing activities from gym classes to tech conferences online, but also by permanently changing customer preferences. In particular, we’ve seen even more businesses large and small really understand that the subscription model helps to give customers great experiences

While customer acquisition is a focus of all businesses, retention and expansion of customer relationships is the key to growth for subscription businesses. Understanding subscriber preferences and using this to predict behavior is something that best-in- class subscription businesses must do. That is why the findings of this report are so important — they highlight how the choice of payment method directly impacts involuntary churn. We hope that this ebook helps you to assess your end-to-end payment processes and discover how some easy-to-execute changes can meaningfully increase your revenue over time.

Download this report to learn:

  • Customer churn rate analysis for subscribers who pay via Bank Debit, Credit Cards, and Paypal
  • The impact of payment failure on customer churn
  • The relationship of type of payment method and customer churn

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Amy Konary

Chair, The Subscribed Institute

Duncan Barrigan

Chief Product & Growth Officer

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