Behind the Scenes: Achieving Significant Results with Data

How successful digital publishers achieve significant results by leveraging their data

Many publishers hold their data in diverse places and struggle to gain valuable insights about their readers.

But with effective data analysis and personalisation becoming so crucial to subscription success, how can you ensure your audience’s data is relevant, insightful and unified to inform your business strategy and drive growth?

In this eguide, we will dive into four success stories from digital publishers who were able to utilise their data for a substantial competitive advantage.

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  • Find out how Raconteur Media used data to increase newsletter subscribers from 6,000 to 34,000 members.
  • Learn how Highland News & Media used data to build a sustainable digital business model and future proof their business.
  • Go behind the scenes with Leaddev and discover how they used data captured from events to drive a 50% increase in subscriptions.
  • Discover how SCI were able to use data to create the right packages for their customer base and maintain a 100% subscription retention.

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